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Strokes are applied to specific areas of the body along with finger pressure and joint mobility techniques that separate and realign connective tissues. Releasing toxins and rejuvenate deep layers of muscle tissue that might be sore from everyday stress.


Stimulation of certain pressure points on the hands and feet that correspond to your bodies organs will help improve circulation while bringing relaxation throughout your body.

Table Shiatsu

With this Japanese technique pressure is distributed to certain areas along your body's meridian lines to stimulate trapped energy.


Applying slow, concentrated movements and compressions with yoga stretches. This massage style will energize your body and encourage physical flexibility.
*Please make sure to wear or have loose and comfortable clothing for this session.

 Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

Therapy massage that helps with circulation of the lymph fluid throughout your body.

 Cranial Sacral Therapy

A technique that promotes balance, alleviates muscle and joint tension and also tissue restriction. Effectivly reliefs headaches, TMJD, back and neck pain.

Trigger Point

Trigger Point therapy focuses on deactivating trigger points that cause local and refer pain in parts of the body.


Not only does this style reduce pain and anxiety, it also promotes circulation which in turn increases joint mobility, improves balance and flexibility.


* We strive to bring you the best services at the best prices. Please note that our prices vary based on duration, time of appointment and are subject to change without notice and are based on availability. All appointments cancelled with less then 4 hours of scheduled time will incur a 100% charge for the service(s).